How to get inside the ruins and find Snidgets in Hogwarts Legacy is a bird in hand

How to get inside the ruins and find Snidgets in Hogwarts Legacy is a bird in hand ...

Poppy Dobring of Hufflepuff is the last relationship quest in Hogwarts Legacy to rescue Snidget chickens from poachers and assist Poppy in their protection on the grounds of Hogwarts.

We'll walk you through the Hogwarts Legacy's Bird in Hands quest, as well as how to get into the ruin, collect the treasure chests in the Gilded Perch, and find Snidgets.

How to Get Started on the Bird in Hands Mission

Three requirements must be met to activate the task:

Complete the previous quest with Poppy Dobring "It was foretold by the stars" and learn the freezing spell Glacius.

Visit the Hogwarts Valley waiting area and await Poppy, which is situated southwest of Brockburrow. The easiest route to get there is from the flypowder store.

Hogwarts Legacy: A Walkthrough

The centaur Dorran stays inside. So that the spiders that are circling nearby do not interfere with the dialogue, get rid of them immediately. In the courtyard of the fortress there is a mystery with a moonstone. The heroes must deal with it.

Approach the central courtyard statue and insert Scholar's Moonstone. The two columns around the center will dim the light and become available for manipulation. Each of them is moved by the Accio spell along its own circular axis. Symbols will also light up on the entrances to the ruins, which the heroes are trying to open.

The task is as follows:

In the screenshots, you can see the different symbols that are lit up on the door. This sun symbol and key with dot. You need to move the columns so that the light from them shines on the correct symbols.

The passage will open when columns illuminate the symbols displayed on the entrances of the destroyed structures on the floor.

Go toward a dead end, behind a small chest, and exit the dungeon.

Return to the main corridor that has survived but is now overgrown with plants. Before going deeper, use the moving crate with Accio and Levios. Let it hover to go up to the upper balcony and open the chest with the dummy ladder for the Help Room.

After reaching the branches blocking the path, turn left. There will be a stone block here. Clean the area with either Incendio or Confringo's fire spell, and head into the room with a valuable piece of equipment.

Return to the main path, clear the branches blocking the path, and proceed to the next dungeon puzzle.

The dungeon's last hall will be opened by elemental cubesto. First, climb the crate to the balcony, where coins can be seen.

With the help of Wingardium Leviosa, climb down and solve the cube puzzle. Place the fire cube on the nearest platform with the symbol of fire. Its location can be seen in the screenshot.

Accio and Levios can be placed on the crate you climbed up for coins and moved to the opposite side of the room. So you can go up to the balcony and pick up the second cube. Move it to the platform with the image of a snowflake.

The gate will open on the fire cube Incendio or Confringoand on ice Glaciusthen.

After entering the entrance, you will find yourself in a vast arena. The poachers will be waiting here to harass you. On the second wave, the centaurs will come to your rescue.

Then, you need to unlock the door with images of the sun and moon, leading to the Snidgets. This completes the gameplay portion of the task.

How to Win the Creature Lover Award

Poppy Dobring has completed all of her relationships with you, and you must visit her in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. You may also access an optional final dialogue that finishes her story and unlocks the Creature Lover achievement.


The completion of the task bird in hand brings the following rewards:

Experience – 180 points. Items and blueprints from chests.

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