Journalists are hesitant to acquaint themselves with the Crime Boss: Rockay City

Journalists are hesitant to acquaint themselves with the Crime Boss: Rockay City ...

At the Game Awards, the cast of Crime Boss: Rockay City was given a surprise – including a shocking trailer and new screenshots – that Western publications have already been able to get acquainted with the game and show it in more detail. In contrast, PayDay and Left 4 Dead both benefit from stealth, strategy, and careful planning.

On its release, there will be three modes: Baker's Battle, where players will have to become crime bosses; and Mode Crime Time, which allows players to commit robberies alone or with accomplices against live players. These are six small campaigns, each with unique tasks and story cutscenes.

The journalist did not appreciate the diversity: while analysing the abilities, you must remember that all three heroes are bandits. Some are available by default, others will have to be opened during the game, including through purchase.

Enemies have different ranks, but so far there is a problem in balancing them. A journalist gave an example of a whole team of four players shooting a bandit trapped in a corner. After several levels, the player received a shotgun that killed almost all opponents with one shot.

The game has a GTA feel, as the desired level. Once the crime is noticed, the task becomes more difficult, and the main objective is to flee in a van.

"Chuck Norris literally sounds like he's reading his lines out loud for the first time," according to the journalist. It even came to a conclusion with the leading weather forecast.

Crime Boss: Rockay City was based on an early version and only one mode, according to an IGN journalist. The game will be released in a month.

Polygon became more categorical. The time he spent on the game was not enough to impress. The author of the publication characterized the game's design as being superficial, and the basic elements, such as the weapon handling and stealth, as being inadequate.

The "bullet sponge" boss that IGN discussed was also mentioned. And if the first missions could please with variety, then shortly the developers' only test would be the overwhelming resistance of special forces. A journalist said at that moment he just remembered his Counter-Strike skills.

Polygon laments that an unreliable melee attack can result in subtle results.

The major issue in a large number of characters was the lack of equipment sets: if the team does not have a character who has a silencer, then it is worthwhile to prepare for a shootout, even if the task is to be completed secretly.

The general gameplay mechanics were outlined as follows: hide as long as possible, then shoot down a swarm of enemies. The game can adapt to this, but only when the characters are selected appropriately.

The Polygon journalist laments the work of the voice actors as he did the previous reviewer. There were hopes for a low-grade crime thriller to be created, but they failed to materialize. According to the publication, the dialogues sound like a sloppy script reading table.

The gameplay was reported to be fairly flat, but there is still room for other modes that journalists would not be able to touch. At the moment, there is not enough room in the passage for tactics and dynamics.

The PC version of Crime Boss: Rockay City will be released on March 28 and later on consoles. Earlier, the developers showed a teaser showing the gameplay and story clips.

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