Sons Of The Forest: Virginia's Warm Clothes And Clothes

Sons Of The Forest: Virginia's Warm Clothes And Clothes ...

Is your character cold and wet? It's time to go in search of warm clothes. We show you where to find all of the wardrobe items and how to obtain clothes for Virginia.

Sons Of The Forest has all of its clothes.

There are two kinds of clothing that are available in the open world in Sons of the Forest. The first is suitable for both you and Calvin, while the second is not included in the inventory.

What are the best places to buy warm clothes in the cold seasons?

The majority of garments from this subsection may be worn on your own, or you may transfer them to Kelvin, one of the protagonist's companions, in this guide.

A windbreaker will be found in one of the coffins inside the mass grave. The exact location to look for is shown on the navigator below.

The stun gun is located in a cave on the beach, near the entrance to the red-lit dead-end tunnel. Raise your head up to pick up both the jacket and the pistol.

The second leather jacket can be discovered inside the crashed jet in the middle of the field. The exact location of the jacket can be seen on the navigator below. Try restarting the game and exploring the area again if the situation persists.

These outfits can be found at the spot shown on the navigator below. Find the cannibal camp, and then look for one of the tents there.

Head to another cannibal camp shown in the pictures below for a copy of this sweatshirt. Clothes are displayed in one of the tents.

Sons Of The Forest's winter jacket is the most comfortable piece of gear. It is available from the tent in the small camp. The exact location is shown on the navigation map below.

In the same cave where we go for a shovel, you will find a wetsuit. First you need to buy a rope thrower and scuba gear. After that, go to the entrance marked in the screenshots below.

Use the cable launcher to descend the rope inside. These garments will be discovered just as you exit the dive.

This useless outfit may be found inside Vault A, marked on the navigator below. Begin digging the entrance and go down and access the 3D printer.

Behind the far wall is a passage to the bathroom. The tuxedo will be displayed on the closet on the left.

Before you go searching for pajamas, you must obtain a staff key card. After that, go to the shelter, which is shown in the screenshots below.

Go inside and go down the corridor to the end. Open the door with the keycard and go forward and then left past the trainers. Go to the orange area with bathtubs, go to the right, and then examine the shelves in the corner.

These pajamas will be found in the bunker where you'll find your final mission. You'll need a VIP keycard to get inside. The entry coordinates are shown on the GPS tracker below.

These items will be found on a shelf in a closet next to a large blue screen.

Where can I find Virginia clothes?

Virginia may receive three items of clothing at the moment if you make friends with her.

This Virginia outfit will be visible inside a red boat on the beach. The exact location is shown on the GPS tracker below.

First, find the Virginia tracksuit using the Staff Keycard. After that, go to the hideout shown on the navigator below.

Run along the corridor till the very end and unlock the door with the key card. After that, go forward and to the left to find these garments on one of the machines.

The entrance to the shelter is marked on the navigator below. You must obtain two keycards in advance.

Use the staff key card to unlock the entrance in the far right corner of the basement. After that, go forward past the hydroponic rooms and down into the flooded area. Swim forward past the flooded shelving until you see another locked door at the end of the corridor.

Opening it will take you to the VIP area. Examine the sofas on the right side to see a blue flowered dress on one of them.

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