El silencio, a new Netflix series starring Arn Piper (Elite) gets its first look

El silencio, a new Netflix series starring Arn Piper (Elite) gets its first look ...

In May, Netflix will add to its catalog The silence a new original miniseries of the platform created by Atitor Gabilondo (Entrevas, Homeland, Live without permission).

Netflix has released the first trailer for The Silence, which you may view below.

The new original psychological thriller on Netflix stars Aron Piper.

Sergio Ciscar is a youngster who is freed six years after having murdered his parents, a crime he committed when he was still a minor.

Sergio has not said a single word or co-operated with justice during that time, therefore both the motives for the crime and its current intentions remain a mystery.

Ana Dussuel, a young psychiatrist, will lead, with her team, in determining Sergio's potential danger to society, secretly monitoring him day and night, as an animal.

The first official images of El silencio have been released by Netflix, in the following gallery, in addition to the teaser.

Images of the Silence (12 photos)

Arón Piper is the star most well-known for his role in Netflix Elite's Código Emperador, Euskadi: Once upon a Time, or The mess you leave.

El silencio Almudena Love (The good boss, Grandma, Stories not to sleep), That Moon (Last one, Valeria, The island of lies) and Ramiro Blas (The boarding school: Las Cumbres, Under the rose, The passenger) are among the actors to star.

Aria Bedmar (Sister Death), Mikel Losada (Garcia and Garcia), Cristina Kovani (If I had known), Viti Suarez (You would too), Miguel Garcés (20,000 species of bees) and Estela Theus' debut

El silencio, a miniseries, will be released on Netflix's catalog in May 2023. What do you think of this first look at the series? Tell us your thoughts in our comments section.

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