News on the mysterious sleep app Pokmon Sleep, a release date for 2023

News on the mysterious sleep app Pokmon Sleep, a release date for 2023 ...

Who can think of anything more satisfying than waking up next to Pikachu? No, no. The Pokémon Sleep smartphone app does not fulfill this desire either, but it does take care of your health. After many years of silence about the program, there has now been information about its release and its specific functions.

The Pokémon Company is obviously interested in your physical well-being, and since then, nothing has been said about the company's latest intention to include pocket monsters even more into your everyday routine. However, in today's Pokémon Presents, there was finally new information about Pokémon Sleep.

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Pokémon Sleep tracks your sleep in three stages: half asleep, light sleep, and deep sleep. That has an immediate effect on the, cough, and narrative.

Professor Neroli is particularly interested in a little creature lying in the meadow. It is a relaxo, since the little creatures on the island belong to one of the three kinds and gather around Relaxo depending on how you sleep.

Along with Pokémon Sleep, a Pokémon Go Plus+ app was also introduced. A Pikachu lives inside and will sing you lullabies. Might be a bit monotonous with his vocabulary, but okay.

Pokémon Sleep – A Quick Introduction to the Strange Sleep App

The Pokémon Company always comes up with something new, like an app that monitors your sleep and wants to encourage you to live healthier with the adorable pocket monsters. In this video, we discuss Pokémon Sleep in greater detail.

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