In 2022, Twitch had a 10% decrease in viewers

In 2022, Twitch had a 10% decrease in viewers ...

Twitch has reported some negative statistics in the 2022 season. This is quite evident, given that we are talking about -9.4% less viewers than in 2021, which must nevertheless be noted as the year of the epidemic.

The SullyGnome website, which has been monitoring video streaming platforms since 2016, reported the data in April 2021, when the site reached its highest viewership level (3.1 million), after a year-over-year increase. In December 2022, however, the peak was only 2.2 million, which had recovered to 2.5 in January 2023 (in any case -13% compared to January 2022).

The -9.4% figure includes the whole year and is consistent with a drop in live stream hours, which fell by 8.5 percent.

The reasons for the drop appear to be several. We have already covered the epidemic, but there must be added the lack of interest in some new launches particularly among live services, as well as the decline in interest in esports, with noticeable decreases for League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Another factor that influenced the choice of streamers to other countries, such as YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Kick, was the prospect of higher revenues from their respective companies.

Twitch has lost 5.4 percent in a year as a streamer partner, bringing the total number of people on the hook to 50,702.

In any event, Amazon's video streaming platform remains largely the most popular and can depend on the largest streamers, such as xQc, Kai Cenat, Ibai, Auronplay, GrefG, Hasan, Gaules, and many others.

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