What can Kelvin do in Sons of the Forest? Can he die? Our Companion Guide

What can Kelvin do in Sons of the Forest? Can he die? Our Companion Guide ...

Sons of the Forest: What can Kelvin do? Does he die? Our Companion Guide

Published on 02/27/2023 at 16:50

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Sons of the Forest will be released soon, and the wait will be long! One of the most significant aspects of this sequel to The Forest is the possibility of having companions. Let's look at the first one here, Kelvin!

What can Kelvin do to help him?

One of the most important features of Sons of the Forest is that you can depend on companions throughout your adventures, as we have already mentioned in a previous article. Virginia is a Virginia native.

The issue does not arise for Kelvin! The latter is a member of the same rescue team as you and will therefore be with you from the beginning of the game! You will not be able to force him to bear arms, although if the latter is a free electron, he will follow your orders.

You can also make him construct basic components. It will quickly come in handy. On the other hand, even if he can't fight, he'll point the finger towards foes.

Is Kelvin a possibility of a tainted life?

Kelvin will be sent out on your adventures but be cautious when it comes to his location! Yes, if he can play a scout, he is not immortal. If he does too much damage, he will be knocked down and you will have to pick him up like you do when playing multiplayer.

Kelvin will die if you don't succeed. The bad news, it's that this death is final! Currently, there is no way to bring him back to life, so be careful not to send him to hell or even accidentally kill him.

Kelvin is a big boy when it comes to food and thirst. You will often see it feeding, but you don't need to bring him food for him to survive. There, you've now discovered everything you'll need to know about your first companion in jeopardy.

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