Amouranth reveals how much money he makes per month on Twitch and Onlyfans, and how he lives!

Amouranth reveals how much money he makes per month on Twitch and Onlyfans, and how he lives! ...

Amouranth is without a doubt a well-known streamer in the United States, but he has gained momentum on Twitch as a result.

Amouranth is not only a professional streamer, but also one of the most controversial people on the internet. She is also known as the Queen of the Hot Tub.

The same Amouranth is part of the 199+1 streamers who competed in the Minecraft Squid Craft Games 2a competition organized by Rubius and Komanche.


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We already stated that Amouranth's profit motives are more noble than you would expect, but we have never stopped to look at the low figures. How much does Kaitlyn Siragusa earn?

Amouranth has revealed it in an interview with Jack Lucky. And we are already preparing to warn you that the figure will not leave you indifferent. Keep your sleeve.

Amouranth's monthly salary is $6 million.

After the controversy surrounding her ex-husband, Amouranth does not upload as much erotic content to Twitch anymore.

Amouranth alternates direct risqué or directly normal footage in which she is scantily dressed in Overwatch 2 or Hogwarts Legacy.

The streamer has her own Onlyfans accountplatform on which he earns huge sums of money every month... more than on Twitch.

In the interview with Jack lucky, he claims to be making around $100,000 a month from Twitch earnings. To put it in context, El Xokas earns 60,000.

But the surprising thing about his earnings on Onlyfans is how big it is. Can you guess the number? Hold on, because curves will come, as $1.5 million monthly.

Onlyfans may be the influencer or directly the public personality that made the most money in a single month.

For his gas station business, we must add $85,000 a year to both revenues. Amouranth's great vision is to create an animal sanctuary.

Did you expect Amouranth to make that much money? It's true that there are streamers who earn more than her in a year. And yes, she's not only the queen of Twitchbut also from Onlyfans.

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