James Bond's books have been rid of racism

James Bond's books have been rid of racism ...

Ian Fleming's novels will be redone because they offend a modern awakened audience.

In recognition of the 70th anniversary of the publication "Casino Royale", Ian Fleming Publications Ltd. will recreate the classic texts, while at the same time providing a warning that a number of offensive phrases and viewpoints were common in those days.

The 'N-words' will be dropped from the books, replaced by "black" or something neutral. At the same time, insulting remarks about Goldfinger's Korean henchman will be removed - we recall that Bond placed him in the order of mammals above monkeys.

The "sweet taste of rape" and the "dissatisfied women" incapable of doing "man's work," as well as the comparison of homosexuals with stubborn invalids, will be retained, as will the passage about Bond's night in Harlem.

The James Bond 007 novels by Ian Fleming have previously been edited, although they mostly reduced the sexual scenes.

"Sensitive readers" have censored classics for the first time. Roald Dahl, the author of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," has removed "offensive language" from children's books.

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