All Greens, Pikmin Bloom for St. Patrick's Day

All Greens, Pikmin Bloom for St. Patrick's Day ...

The season of spring is just around the corner, and the parks and gardens are finally getting green again! This is a great opportunity to get back outside and take your Pikmin for a walk.

The event runs from March 1st to March 31st. In the first part, 30 tasks may be completed to obtain special gold seeds. Typical St. Patrick's Day, these become Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, White, Winged, or rock shamrock decoration Pikmin.

Special Green Mushrooms may be encountered during the second part of the event, from March 17th to March 31st. Decoration Shamrock Pikmin are even more powerful, therefore it's important to gather as many as possible during the first part of the event.

If you discover a special Decoration Four Leaf Clover Pikmin, you may share it on Twitter with the hashtag #PikminSpotted.

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