The Star Citizens budget exceeded $550 million

The Star Citizens budget exceeded $550 million ...

Studio Cloud Imperium Games has begun testing the alpha version 3.18 of the space simulator Star Citizen. And now have released new videos with a story about what will be presented to the players in the next version, 3.19, which is expected at the end of the year.

The most significant change should be a complete overhaul of the ore mining system. They want to make it more enjoyable, in particular, by allowing "manual" mining, not only inside special caves.

New materials will be introduced in the game, including iron, copper, aluminum, genonid, and others. Some of them will only be found on certain planets, while others may only be obtained via special drill bits.

The developers talk about the work involved in the second video, including how to modify the landscape, create rivers, and control the game's quality.

Star Citizen has yet to announce a release date, although its crowdfunding campaign has already set a new high. Over $550 million has been raised for the game's development, with 4.4 million registered accounts. Although, as reported by the game's creative director in October 2022, only 1.7 million paid for the game.

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