Pokmon Sleep is Real and Will Be Available This Summer

Pokmon Sleep is Real and Will Be Available This Summer ...

Today's Pokémon Presents provides a refresher (and further information) for the Pokémon Sleep app/game, as well as a new accessory, years after its initial reveal.

It's funny to think Pokémon Sleep was announced back in 2019, with little detail other than a vague launch in 2020. Since then, nothing has changed, leading many to feel the mobile game was quietly canceled.

Pokémon Presents, which will be broadcast this morning on 2023's Pokémon Day, provides us with some new information about the upcoming app that will allow you to sleep and play Pokémon all at the same time. Even better, it'll be released this Summer.

The app is supposed to help you track, record, and even research your sleep patterns. On the "game" side of things, Pokémon with similar sleep patterns/habits will begin to appear. As such, you're encouraged to "research" the different creatures' sleep styles.

To be honest, this is an interesting concept. Personally, I've never used a sleep tracker, so I'm not sure how beneficial it might be, but I've always loved how this franchise has been open to new ideas and ways of assisting individuals in their everyday lives.

The new accessory, which will be available in the summer, will work with both Pokémon Sleep and Pokémon Go, giving you new ways to interact with these titles.

Pokémon Sleep isn't yet set to be released, but it will be released this Summer (at last). What do you think about catching zzz's and Pokemon at the same time?

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