Mercamadrid has established its own innovation center

Mercamadrid has established its own innovation center ...

Mercamadrid is committed to digitization and goes beyond its traditional labor practices. This body has already established itself as a hub and meeting place for innovative firms and startups.

Orange, a technology and telecoms company that already works with Mercamadrid's innovation hub, is a testament to their desire to contribute to improving the food sector's competitiveness and quality.

Mercamadrid is a world-class destination that offers innovative solutions to agri-food crisis. With a coworking area, you can organize presentations, and collaborate in the search for innovative solutions.

The first initiative promoted by the Eatable Adventures accelerator is of special relevance for this company: the Smart Food Future Innovation Challenge. The first call for innovation, launched from the food unit, will enable Mercamadrid businesses to provide innovative solutions to real problems previously faced by them in three strategic areas: logistics, packaging, and recycling.

Mercamadrid will challenge the international innovation environment to find solutions that optimize transport routes in terms of sustainability and cost, as well as identification of traceability systems that enable the monitoring of merchandise. In the area of packaging, those proposals that improve the preservation of food and extend its useful life will be selected, taking into account the concept of sustainability.

This program will provide an excellent opportunity for startups to work on solutions in these areas and that will be able to partner with Spain's greatest platform for distribution, marketing, transformation, and logistics, thanks to its infrastructure and expertise.

Starting today, entrepreneurs may submit their proposal for some of the challenges that they have faced. With an eye on future solutions, you can continue to advance to the forefront of commercial distribution in the world.

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