Joel will wait: How The Last of Us Had the Best Night of Ellies' Life

Joel will wait: How The Last of Us Had the Best Night of Ellies' Life ...

In the next episode, Ellie will only go hunting.

The Last of Us, a seventh episode of the series based on the game, has been released. Joel is badly injured in the sixth series conclusion, but his recovery is postponed.

Ellie remembers being bitten during an episode, but there are still some differences between the game and the series. It’s time to talk about it.

Ellie was not at a loss and dragged Joel to the shelter — there was even a horse parking spot for Ellie, although she herself is against retaliating.

Ellie was never a good girl. At FEDRA, she met her only friend Riley, and when she disappeared somewhere, she went on a rampage and began a fight. However, Riley figured out that everything was fine with her: she was assigned to the sewer squad, and she joined the Fireflies.

Riley promises Ellie the best night of her life and takes her to a boarded-up mall. It turns out that FEDRA powered the network during the next quarter of the quarantine period, but no one knows about this yet. Only Riley and now Ellie.

Riley takes Ellie on a tour of the mall's five wonders, like the escalator, and an arcade room. Ellie has never seen anything more stunning in her life. There's even Mortal Kombat 2.

Riley discovers the location for a reason: the Fireflies have built a base here and are preparing for further assaults. Angry, Ellie decides to leave, and this is Riley's final night in Boston: she will be transferred to Atlanta.

The girls quarrel, make up, kiss, and almost confess their love to each other, ultimately deciding to stay together, but then the second moment occurs: there is an infected person at the shopping center, who is displeased with visitors' arrivals.

Riley and Ellie manage to kill the infected, but he manages to bite both girls. They have two choices: either kill themselves or live together for as long as possible.

Riley's fate is unknown, but Ellie decides to fight for Joel's life and stitches his wound up with an ordinary needle and thread.

Ellie went there three times, and it didn't help. At the beginning of the apocalypse, shoe stores were robbed, not pharmacies, and now we know how Ellie got hold of the second volume of bad jokes. By the way, Captain Kwong's keychain flashes the Naughty Dog studio logo.

On March 6, the eighth episode of The Last of Us will be released.

This is an interesting story.

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