In Atomic Heart, how do I enable Russian voice acting?

In Atomic Heart, how do I enable Russian voice acting? ...

Some Atomic Heart players overlook the "Options" when they first start the project because the English language is defaulted in the settings after loading the title.

Below is a video on how to use Russian voice acting in Atomic Heart. The analysis of the situation where the required value is absent in the "Settings" parameters was not left without consideration.

In Atomic Heart, enabling Russian voice acting

First, put the gameplay on hold and then open the main menu.

Expand the "Audio" window. The required item -Voice language - is located at the bottom of the proposed list of parameters. Install "Russian". You do not need to re-save the result. Return to the main menu and continue the game from the last save.

It is recommended to restart the game once all of the above steps have been completed.

If the Russian voice acting in the settings is no longer relevant, what should be done?

If you notice that there is no Russian language in the "Options" parameters, you must:

AppData is opened either manually or via the command line, which is invoked by a keyboard shortcut Win+R. Type "%appdata%" (without quotes) and click OK. Switch to Configand after – WinGDK. Under Licensed Content=0, enter Voice Language=1.

The Russian language will be found in the "Voice language" the next time you start the game.

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