Update: Xbox announcements are currently halted due to technical difficulties

Update: Xbox announcements are currently halted due to technical difficulties ...

Yesterday's State of Play was a surprise, as did Baldur's Gate III's arrival on the PS5. Xbox owners are concerned about this, but Larian dismisses it.


Larian Studios has issued a statement since the upcoming Xbox announcement, stating that technical difficulties are currently preventing an announcement. The issue seems to be the game's split-screen co-op mode, which on Xbox Series S does not match the quality of the Series X version.

"We wanted to clarify. Baldur's Gate III is currently being developed for an Xbox version. We're experiencing technical difficulties as we develop the Xbox port, which kept us from releasing them 100% until we've found the correct fixes, including because we couldn't get split-screen co-op to perform to the same standard on Xbox Series X and S, which is a requirement for publication.

If and when we announce additional platforms, we want to ensure that each release ups to our standards and expectations.“

Original message 2023-02-24 16:14:

After a long time in Early Access, Baldur's Gate III has finally had a concrete date, which is expected on August 31, 2023. The surprise was equally as large that the Belgian developers have now also released the PS5 version, which has been well-known throughout the Xbox community.

Baldur's Gate III will first be released on PC, MAC, PS5 and on the cloud gaming service GeForce NOW on August 31. Larian intends to add other platforms when the time comes.

"Relax. We're still not playing the exclusivity game," said Larian's CEO Swen Vincke on Twitter. Or, in plain English: "Relax, we're not talking about exclusivity."

The odds are good that the Xbox Series X/S will also get a copy of the highly anticipated role-playing game, and there is still a possibility that an Xbox version will be released on August 31st, although it is quite rare for no or not all other platforms to be named at Playstation events.

So, all that remains is to wait, have a cup of tea (or whatever) and hope for the best. In any event, there appears to be no exclusive arrangement with Sony, or if there is, then in the worst case it will be limited in time.

The trailer for Baldur's Gate III has been released.

Baldur's Gate III has a specific release date of August 31, 2023, and will also be released for PlayStation 5.

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