Voxel and Booking have reached an agreement to automate tourist invoices

Voxel and Booking have reached an agreement to automate tourist invoices ...

Voxel and Booking.com have teamed up to offer Billback Request, an online invoice recovery service for corporate clients.

The company's product, which specializes on innovative technological solutions in B2B payments and the travel metasearch engine, is an innovative, technological, and unique approach on the market, enabling travel agencies and TMCs to receive complete invoices automatically.

"We have collaborated with Booking.com to develop an innovative solution for travel agencies and TMCs over the previous three years," says Héctor Martn, Voxel's vice president of global sales.

Hotelston and Easy Market are two companies that have piloted their projects, and over 26,000 accommodations in 112 different countries.

The Billback Request is a service that allows you to recover invoices, compensate or recover VAT, and avoid delays and errors in payments. Until now, this problem had never been resolved, since none of the present methods was capable of ensuring that invoices met the legal requirements for VAT recovery.

Martin concludes: "This approach is applicable to any tour operator or Travel Management Company that needs to recover hotel invoices, whether directly or through Booking.com, another agency or any other reservation channel." "With this solution, we have the possibility of solving a classic issue that the sector has been facing for 30 years, especially in the Business Travel segment, in the management of corporate expense notes and the recovery of international VAT."

"We are looking forward to bringing this product to market in collaboration with Voxel, helping to solve one of our most vital business, TMC, and agency clients' core needs," says Thibaut Leroux, Booking.com's senior executive global corporate travel and B2B partnerships.

Voxel has recently strengthened its value proposition for the international VAT recovery in the business travel segment by joining forces with Way2Vat, an Israeli company that is one of the world's leading providers of automated VAT claims and refund solutions.

Voxel will extend its global VAT recovery capability through its Way2Vat platform and will complement the existing offering of payment solutions between businesses and electronic invoices in the Business Travel sector.

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