Xiaomi has gone to the other extreme of the law! And now?

Xiaomi has gone to the other extreme of the law! And now? ...

It is time to recognize who is still betting on a strategy that is at least comparable. Xiaomi has decided to foresee its intention of offering high-end Android phones at lower prices than the major manufacturers.

OnePlus is a well-known brand, although there are still some manufacturers that are releasing incredible devices at reduced prices. One of these is quite well-known.

Therefore, at a time when the Xiaomi 13 Pro is priced at €1399, a €50 cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro, and €50 cheaper than the S23 Ultra, we have very good people who prefer to buy high-end smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer to ask: "So... what do you want to buy now?"

The answer to that question is straightforward and well-known, although few people remember it. So, if you want top-of-the-line quality at a reasonable price, look no further than the recently launched OnePlus 11, which was officially launched at €849 for the base version with 8GB of memory, and €919 for the 12-inch RAM memory. (Link)

Yes, a smartphone with exactly the same features as the recently announced and launched Xiaomi 13 Pro, and which of course costs €550 less! Nevertheless, in a technological world where everything seems to become more costly without any logic, the OnePlus 11 is undeniably a well-designed and well-built smartphone.

Do you like to buy an OnePlus over the internet? No, please!

After all, the OnePlus 11 is a top-tier Oppo, based on another design philosophy, and with a operating system that is a little more "clean" and "optimized," similar to Android 'Pixel.' After all, the once independent OnePlus is now a subsidiary of the gigantic Oppo.

Do you know of any other cheaper alternatives than OnePlus? Do share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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