The Director of Silent Hill flies to ask what the F might stand for

The Director of Silent Hill flies to ask what the F might stand for ...

Michael Deckert | 02/27/2023 – 11:06 am

Konami unveiled the next installment in the "Silent Hill" series in October, appropriately dubbed "Silent Hill f." The game's director is now asking fans what the "F" in the title might stand for.

Al Yang, the director of the next Silent Hill installment, wants to know what they think the upcoming title represents. Konami had the title "Silent Hill f" announced in October. The game is currently being developed by NeoBards Entertainment.

The director is betting on a winner.

Yang asked his followers their thoughts on the fateful "F" in the next Silent Hill game via Twitter. "I'm curious what you all think the F could stand for," the NeoBards creative director said. "I also have a wager at work on what the fans' beliefs might be."

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Yang used more or less severe "F" words in response to his tweet, including Forte, Five, Flower, Festival, Fear, Faith, Fragment, Feudal, Feudal, and finally-a-good-one. However, many users depend on the musical "forte", which is abbreviated with a small "f" and played loudly in "Silent Hill".

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The upcoming film "Silent Hill f" is unveiled: "This is a stunning but also terrifying world." The first teaser trailer is rather dark and depicts a girl infected with some sort of fungus.

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More information on Silent Hill f.

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