Key Changes in Genshin Impact Update 3.5

Key Changes in Genshin Impact Update 3.5 ...

The archons and a couple of heroes will have a date, a new task and a date.

Update 3.5 for Genshin Impact has begun to be rolled out in miHoYo. The developers have given us a rough outline of the major changes, presented the layout of the first banner, and summarized the main events.

The update's preload began to work simultaneously with the publication of the list of changes. As with previous updates, only PC players will be permitted to play while the data is downloading.

We'll cover the main features of the Genshin Impact 3.5 patch as usual.

Daehya (5 star rarity, pyro, new hero) Saino (5 star rarity, electro, reran) Barbara (4 star rarity, hydro, reran) Collei (4 star rarity, dendro, reran) Bennett (4 star rarity, dendro, reran), pyro, reran

Scarlet Sands Staff (5 stars, polearm). Eye of Consciousness (4 stars, catalyst) Dragonstorm (4 stars, spear). Flash in the Darkness (4 stars, sword). Ceremonial two-handed sword (4 stars).

Dehya moves around the battlefield and deals Pyro damage in an area after finishing her ult.

Normal Attack: Spear strikes and crossbow strikes, up to 5 hits in a combo.Falling Strike: Deals damage in an area.If you hold the button, the arrow deals cryo damage and pierces enemies. If you hold the button, the shards deal cryo damage to up to three additional nearby enemies.

The Argons' assignment "Vol. III. Chapter VI: Karibert." Available to players aged 35 and above, but first you must complete the Archon quest "Volume III. Chapter V: The Pulse of Akash and the Flame of the Kalpa" Manticore Legends Quest, Dehya's story quest. Opens at level 40, and to pass you must complete the task of the Archons "Volume III. Chapter V: The Pulse of Akash and

The quest card for Qusayr al-Inhid in the Hadramavet Desert region has been changed from "Character/Weapon Upgrade" to "Consumable item." The ability to return to the previous menu with the right stick has been improved. When using a controller, you can alter the viewing angle by touching the interaction button.

On March 1, the next Genshin Impact update will be released.

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