In Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise prepared his staggering motorcycle jump

In Mission Impossible 7, Tom Cruise prepared his staggering motorcycle jump ...

Tom Cruise will return to the big screen this summer with the next installment of his most popular action franchise, Mission Impossible.

With some spectacular stunts along the way, the actor will get back into the shoes of Ethan Hunt to put an end to a new global threat that only an IMF agent can combat.

Tom Cruise is used to doing some stunt doubles himself in Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment. This tradition will continue.

A terrifying leap on a motorcycle will open the parachute over a ravine. A miscalculation could have left the actor crushed to the ground, but Tom Cruise is very much Tom Cruise.

Before jumping into the sky, Tom Cruise had everything sorted out.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has dropped Tom Cruise while promoting his star in the middle of his career Top Gun Maverick for the Academy Awards and in preparation for Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment Part I.

The actors take the jump in mode, this time without a safety harness, removes the motorcycle, and opens the parachute in the program.

“My shoelaces were stuck to the bike,” Cruise adds.

A breakdown of any kind would have increased the motorcycle's weight, and the parachute might not have been able to carry the load.

In the chapter Bart, the daredevil, Tom Cruise recalled his fondness for risk with a quote from his childhood in the purest style of The Simpson, with him ending his life in the hospital after doing a homemade stunt with a wooden board, some garbage cans, and his bicycle.

Each film by Tom Cruise has that inherent desire that the actor gives everything for the show, and Mission Impossible: Deadly Judgment – Part I is no exception.

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