Firewall Ultra: An unreal Engine 5 and eye tracking PS VR2 shooter for Firewall Ultra

Firewall Ultra: An unreal Engine 5 and eye tracking PS VR2 shooter for Firewall Ultra ...

"Firewall Ultra" is a game that uses Unreal Engine 5 and makes use of PS VR2's many features. A video interview provides further information.

The PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset that was unveiled last week has already had a large assortment of games, not all of which are new, but often ported from other platforms or upgraded to the latest PS VR generation.

The number of new features that will be added to the next games is expected to grow. One such project is Firewall Ultra, the sequel to 2018's Firewall Zero Hour.

Further details on the game's technical aspects were discussed in an interview with the responsible development team of First Contact Entertainment. First, it was confirmed that "Firewall Ultra" is based on Unreal Engine 5, which should deliver a unique gaming experience.

Firewall Ultra is a complete next-gen VR title powered by PS VR2 software and Unreal Engine 5. "The entire visual approach has been reimagined with an emphasis on detailed real-time lighting, and overall gameplay has been extensive refined to take advantage of the PS VR2 hardware."

Focus on Eye-Tracking

Eye-tracking is a standout feature of PlayStation VR2, and it is said to be also used extensively in Firewall Ultra – sometimes in subtle ways to give depth and control over key interactions.

"There's a weapon selector wheel, a user interface feature that allows you to switch weapons by looking, and a mechanic for aiming grenade throws."

We're interested in the possibility of using eye tracking in non-obvious ways, making certain actions appear "natural" in the VR environment. This technology should pay off in the case of "Firewall Ultra," as well as for future projects, including "Solaris Offworld Combat II".

Players may also look forward to receiving Sense controller support: "We're focusing on designing our games with a PS VR2 Sense controller in each hand in a way that allows for robust user interaction," says the author. "We're excited to discover some new techniques."

Firewall Ultra includes all controller capabilities (haptics, adaptive triggers, finger tracking) as well as eye tracking to make weapon handling "as immersive, diverse, and fluid as possible."

On the official Unreal Engine website, you can see the whole interview about "Firewall Ultra."

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The PlayStation Store will stock a copy of 'Firewall Ultra' for this year. A trailer for the game first showed up last September.

More information on Firewall Ultra

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