All Endings of Faruzan's Genshin Impact

All Endings of Faruzan's Genshin Impact ...

Encounter with Faruzan in Genshin Impact is a special interactive quest with many endings dedicated to the character and revealing his background. It is possible to go to one of the many forks and receive valuable rewards in the form of primogems as well as a memorable photo with the hero of the date.

We will examine in detail all the events of the meeting with Faruzan; what choices and actions must be taken in order to complete the story.

How to Get Started With Faruzan

The following conditions must be fulfilled in order to initiate the quest-meeting with Faruzan.

Aside from meeting the required requirements, you'll also need two Legend Keys to unlock a date in the legend quest menu in the corresponding tab with the Faruzan character's face.

Achievements in a meeting with Faruzan

"You, in a hundred years," says Faruzan of all letters addressed to him. "Mechanics: from beginner to..." – Guess the minimum amount of moves needed to solve the puzzle "Assemble the Pyramid".

Walkthrough of Intricacies for Genshin Impact (all endings)

The manner in which the meetings with Faruzan ended were planned

You may go to five endings during Faruzan's meeting:

"Stories from the Past." "Knowledge is wealth!" "The Gardener and the Seed" "Start over." "Welcome home, Faruzan."

Next, we will analyze in more detail the different ways of obtaining each of them as well as the necessary answers to open the plot forks.

After the release of patch 3.5 in the morning of March 1, we will publish the whole walkthrough of the meeting for all endings.

Insiders at TeamChina have already revealed the conclusion of the meeting with Faruzan.

Faruzan is on the lookout for the finest study guide for Sumeru Academy's next basic literacy class.

Will Faruzan's detailed and precise textbook be of use to her future pupils?

Will Faruzan be able to attract students who will be interested in her bright and engaging handbook?

Tell Tignari and Kollei about your adventures in the Collonade desert, and you may be able to reconcile the upset Faruzan.

Tamimi's tale may be kept secret while Faruzan may return to Pardis Dhyai on his own.

The Academy of Sciences recognizes outstanding achievement.

You may receive the following rewards for the whole length of your meeting with Faruzan:

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