PS5 SSD promo: The wonderful 1 TB WD Black SN850X is down 40% on this week's PS5 SSD promo

PS5 SSD promo: The wonderful 1 TB WD Black SN850X is down 40% on this week's PS5 SSD promo ...

News great PS5 SSD promo: The great 1 TB WD Black SN850X is at -40% off.

Published on 02/27/2023 at 10:05

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Do you need a great PS5 NVMe SSD? The 1TB WD Black SN850X is the ideal solution and it's currently 40% off.

Are you looking for gaming storage that is top-tier? The 1TB WD_BLACK NVMe SSD is currently 40% off from Amazon.

At the moment, it reaches €217.99.29.

The SN850X 1TB is on sale for €131.29 on Amazon.

The WD Black SN850X NVMe SSD is one of the best SSDs for PC gamers and PS5 users!

The PS5 was a reliable console for many years, although it was often completely unavailable. Even sets containing a television, controllers, and accessories at very high prices were stormed and quickly emptied, and with the general resupply of stocks, Sony's console has only one problem.

Without change, you will only have 667 GB of free space. The rest of the available space is used by the console system and its updates. And while current AAA titles may well exceed 100 GB, it's worth remembering that there are only six big games to install. Then comes the difficulty of removing them all in case of a freshcomer.

The advantage is that it is very simple to correct this issue since Sony has considered extending the storage space available for your games. This is why WD_BLACK provides one of the finest PS5-compatible SSDs on the market: the SN850X. This heat sink is crucial for Sony's console.

The SN850X is capable of simultaneously reading and writing 7300 MB/s, and it exceeds Sony's specifications.

And, naturally, it is also fully compatible with your PC gamer. He will then be able to make full use of its Game Mode 2.0, which includes performance improving capabilities on PC, as well as load forecasting to prepare game resources to be loaded quickly.

The SN850X 1TB is now available for €131.29 on Amazon.

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