With the help of the creators of ChatGPT, Spotify has launched a brand new feature

With the help of the creators of ChatGPT, Spotify has launched a brand new feature ...

JVTech Spotify has developed a never-before-seen feature with the help of the developers of ChatGPT.

Published on 02/27/2023 at 09:20

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Spotify unveiled a very stylish innovation based on artificial intelligence last week.

Spotify is still developing and striving to remain the leader in the market!

The first thing to think of when it comes to music platforms is undoubtedly Spotify, even if the French at Deezer are not unworthy. And for good reason, the Swedish service is by far the most popular music app in the world, constantly adding new features:

Statista has provided a photo credit for the project.

Spotify has decided to take a hit on the market by releasing a feature that works with the help of artificial intelligence.

Spotify has developed an artificial intelligence (AI) that tracks you by heart.

Spotify has announced the launch of its new "DJ" feature via a communiqué posted on its website last week. The Swedish company states: "DJ" will analyze the latest releases you will like, or bring you back to that nostalgic playlist you used to hear on repeat last year."

Currently, Spotify Premium users only have access to this feature in the United States and Canada. However, this capability could be extended to other countries very soon. Another benefit would be the ability for the music platform to work on other vocal models — why not French – for its "DJ."

Spotify's press release concludes with the following words: "We are always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our users' listening experiences in order to fulfill their needs." "Words that make us believe that the Swedish company does have ideas.

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