Where to Find Troll Boogers in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to Find Troll Boogers in Hogwarts Legacy ...

Crafting is a core component of the Hogwarts Legacy experience as it allows you to modify items of equipment and weapons that you may use during exploration and battle (by the way, here's how to make potion to heal yourself in Hogwarts Legacy).

Troll boogersdropped by Trolls defeated in battle or on sale at the J. Pippins shop in Hogsmeade are among the most difficult to obtain items, and here are some strategies for getting the desired ingredient without spending too much time looking for them.

In Hogwarta Legacy, where are the Troll Boogers?

Troll boogers can be found near the Forbidden Forest or in the game's main missions. However, if you need this resource urgently, we advise you to purchase Troll boogers at Pippins' shop, which is identified on the game map thanks to its elongated shield-shaped symbol.

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