First Sales for Sons of the Forest: The horror game has had a huge box office success

First Sales for Sons of the Forest: The horror game has had a huge box office success ...

Sons of the Forest, a survival horror game released last week, went into Early Access and attracted a lot of interest on Steam. Now, the first sales figures have been released – and they are impressive.

In the run-up to Steam's early access start, a fair amount of interest had already been generated for the somewhat smaller game — and that made for a good start for the somewhat minor title. The makers have now released the first sales figures a short time later.

Sons of the Forest has already sold more than two million copies in the first 24 hours since it was released on Early Access, according to the publisher. We are very excited about what we will be bringing to players in the coming weeks.

Sons of the Forest is undoubtedly the most popular PC game right now on Steam, and was previously the most requested game on Steam. There the game was able to leave big names like Starfield or Hogwarts Legacy behind shortly before its release.

The release of the game was actually planned to be last year, but the designers decided to postpone it in order to do more tweaking. In the title, you are transported to a remote island and must track down a missing billionaire there. However, there are cannibals that make your life difficult.

The game's initial development phase should last between six and eight months.

Sons Of The Forest – Trailer für Survival Horror

Sons of the Forest is a game that focuses on the disappearance of a billionaire on an island packed with cannibalistic mutants. Have a good time.

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