Katy Perry discusses the Santa Fe school shooting

Katy Perry discusses the Santa Fe school shooting ...

Katy Perry was weeping when she learned that a contestant was motivated by a shooting at his school to audition for American Idol Season 21.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Trey Louis, a 21-year-old mattress salesman from Santa Fe, Texas, appeared on this week's American Idol show.

Außerdem sang a smokey rendition of Stone by Whiskey Myers in his native Santa Fe.

Following a school shooting in 2018, the town of St. Mary's earned an infamous reputation.

After Louis' performance, all three judges of the reality show gave him a standing ovation.

Louis explained that his experience with the Santa Fe school shooting inspired him to apply.

Louis also revealed that an attacker climbed into Santa Fe High School on 18th May 2018. He killed eight students and two teachers.

He explained that while he escaped without losing a lot of his friends during the event, the town grew a bad reputation.

Besides that, the judges had an emotional outburst with Katy Perry making an expletive-riddled anti-gun control tirade while she continued to sob.

'Our country has f***ed us,' said the speaker. This isn't acceptable. You should be singing here because you like music, not because you had to endure it.'

'I hope that you remind people that we must work together,' the Fireworks singer said.

Katy Perry slammed the American system in an emotional outburst against gun violence, prompting many followers to go on social media.

'I cried with you,' a fan wrote. 'Amen Katy Perry! Thank you for your passion. @katyperry #AmericanIdol I'm sorry to have missed you.'

'It's a good thing Katy was so kind to respond,' said another person.

'Ugh Katy, I agree with you so much!! This country has failed us every single day,' a different user said.

'That was one of the most powerful moments I've ever witnessed, and it had nothing to do with the singing.' Another commented.

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