The director of the Silent Hill football team wants to know what f means to its players, and he believes he has the answer

The director of the Silent Hill football team wants to know what f means to its players, and he beli ...

Silent Hill f was a game from Konami and PS5, and was shown in Silent Hill Transmission, and now its director is curious what users think about that "F."

Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill 2 Remake, and even a new film collaborating with PT Silent Hills were among the highlights of the game.

The notions about what Silent Hill f can be seen as is still prevalent, much more so when Konami claims to be open to any proposal for a new game and that the series continues with other studies.


Teaser trailer for Silent Hillf

Al Yang, NeoBards'Studio Creative Director, said on reflection: "I'm curious what the "F" in Silent Hill's f is supposed to stand for."

"This is also because right now, I'm putting a wager on what the fans believe," he adds at the end of the tweet.

As you can expect, many of the answers are joking. But their application spans between the brilliant and the absurd.

The teaser did not say much, therefore it's more entertaining.

Other affirmations include those that are left out in English so that they may make sense: forte, five, flower, festival, forbidden, fear, faith, frame, fragment, fungus, feudal, and fierce.

There are other games that are less serious, such as Florida, Fortnite, fajita, and some that are "finally-a-good."

It's possible that it's Silent Hill Funny or Silent Hill Iron; however, it might also revolve around a Japanese word for a kanji, and the study is still going on.

Silent Hill f is a "entirely new story" set in 1960s Japan, created by Ryukishi07, an internationally recognized visual novelist who is well-known for the movie When They Cry.

Neobards is a Taiwanese studio that has worked on many games with Capcom, such as Resident Evil Origins Collection, Onimusha: Warlords, and multiplayer Resident Evil Re:Verse.

There are also "kera" and "creator" who worked on "Luigi's Mansion" or "Pikmin 1+2" among others.

According to what was discovered by a known leak, those three unannounced projects still need to be discovered.

For the time being, it isn't clear whether the director of Silent Hill has made some sense of what "f" implies to the players.

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