Is the dino shooter coming into open beta soon, according to Exoprimal?

Is the dino shooter coming into open beta soon, according to Exoprimal? ...

Capcom is planning a public beta for "Exoprimal," a cooperative dinosaur shooter that was discovered in the Japanese PlayStation Network's backend.

Capcom is planning a number of significant new titles this year. The remake of "Resident Evil 4" will be released in March, and the fighting title "Street Fighter 6" will be released in June, as well as a new name "Exoprimal."

"Exoprimal" is a classic dinosaur shooter that lets you team up with other players in an effort to avoid an invasion by aggressive dinosaurs. Following closed network testing last year, Capcom has decided to start an open beta.

According to "PSN Releases," an open beta database entry for the PlayStation Store's backend was discovered.

Capcom has made no comment.

It remains to be seen when Capcom's official statement or announcement will be made. In the past, PSN Releases has proven to be a reliable source for upcoming PlayStation Network content. We can assume that the information is correct this time.

Especially since "Exoprimal," as we stated earlier, is a cooperative multiplayer shooter that thrives on its multiplayer component. In order to have the smoothest possible launch and to be able to track down the last errors, a live beta with as many participants as possible would be ideal.

Capcom doesn't want to limit itself to the crisp shooter action of "Exoprimal." Various Exo Suit classes are also offered with individual strengths and abilities that must be combined intelligently on the battlefield in order to safeguard the survival of your own group.

Exoprimal: New Information

At an undetermined time, Exoprimal will be released later this year for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

Exoprimal: More information

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