The Last of Us 107 Resumen and anlisis de Left Behind

The Last of Us 107 Resumen and anlisis de Left Behind ...

At the end of episode 106 of The Last of Us, what a cliffhanger! This week, one of the concerns we were posing ourselves was whether or not THAT character would still be alive.

Ellie's actions in the present depinded on it, thus the producers of the popular HBO Max series have chosen to create an introspective narrative that makes us relive a portion of her past that defines her actions in the future.


'Left Behind,' a 107 teaser for The Last of Us, adapts the game's DLC.

The main plot of this episode is minor, but it helps us to understand Ellie's character much better, who until now was probably the one we knew little about.

If you are not up to date on the spoilers for episode 107 of The Last of Us, titled "Left Behind," you should not continue reading.

What Happens in The Last of Us 107?

Ellie arrives at Joel's cabin and tells her to go back north with Tommy and abandon him. She covers it and goes upstairs to open a door that engulfs her in her fondness.

Ellie is seen working in a quarantine facility. She is wearing headphones and listening to music. a companion, Bethany, smashes her and mistakes her. Bethany is sent to the hospital with fifteen stitches.

The director warns her that if she continues to behave like a soldier, she will either end up on patrol and have a bleak future, or she will be smart and end up as a police officer. FEDRAbecause she has the material of a leader and is smart.

Riley sneaks into her window and scares her: she is her best friend, she shares a room with her, and she has been missing for days. She mocks her for being away for so long. She later proposes that she dress as her and accompany her because he wants her to be a surprise.

Ellie and Riley leave the scene of a car crash but keep the liquor bottle. Ellie asks him to show her her revolver, and he holds it up, then hand it back to her.

Riley says she left when she was grounded and met a mature lady who asked him what he thought of Phaedra. She answered the question, that they seemed to her to be fascists, and then encouraged her to join the army. They continue their journey, crossing rooftops until they reach an abandoned and sealed mall.

Riley tells Ellie to come in and wait and then she turns on the light and everything lights up. (To the beat of A-ha's "Take on me") Start with the elevator.

Riley directs her to close her eyes and shake her hand. They continue to savor each other's beverages. Ellie tells her that if she returns, they may alter things from the inside. Riley is 17 and they are going to assign her a job: sanitation.

Riley advises her to continue to go around and takes her to a photo booth to take pictures of her floundering around.

Ellie is afraid of becoming ill and tells Riley that she wants to return, but she does have one more gift: it's a second part of a long volume of bad jokes.

Ellie discovers pipe bombs in the same area where Riley sleeps, something that irritates her a lot. Riley tells her that Marlene has sent her to the Atlanta quarantine zone, where she will spend her last night in Boston. Ellie says she is sorry for her, but she reconsiders and returns.

Ellie tells her to give her her joke book, then tells her that she shouldn't join the Fireflies because she believes them.

Ellie assures her that she will miss her. Riley assures her that one thing is missing: she wears a wolf mask, plays music, and they begin to dance. Ellie removes his mask, kisses her, and apologizes... but Riley assures her that she doesn't have to.

Riley shoots but chases after them and pounces on them. Ellie stabs him in the side but runs after her. He lunges at Riley and Ellie stabs him in the head. Ellie becomes furious as Riley cries.

Ellie is looking forward to the future with a pinch of hope. Keeping Riley in mind, she considers whether or not to go the quick track and commit suicide, or to enjoy the remaining time she had left.

In the days of cordyceps, love can be found.

Every desire for light, music, and entertainment is within reach at a shopping center. It's the equivalent of a museum of entertainment, a meeting place, and a kind of quintessential getaway in America and beyond.

Stranger Things and Terror Street have already been examples of how to combine their love stories and horror stories, often in parallel.

Ellie acts as she does because she has experienced that trauma before and decides not to give up. She's not going to take any shortcuts and will fight to save Joel's life.

We go through his life before discovering that he was immune to cordyceps and therefore when he was first aware that his life was at risk, and thus why it is so important to see her ascend an escalator for the first time, on a carousel, or kissing her first kiss.

It's a journey of discovery: sexual awakening (the stop in front of the Victoria's Secret window is quite significant), facing the prospect of death and losing someone you love...

It is significant how the disturbing element of the infected awakening is introduced to sabotage (for the viewer) the feelings of joy of the two teenagers who are joking about a borrowed vacation without fear.

The Last of Us is a constant, as is the duel confrontation: practically in all of the episodes so far, they have taken away a character we had grown to respect or with whom we have come to sympathize in some way. That's what makes this series about the last of us.

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