Lorel is confronted by Michael B. Jordan about a corny kid remark during a red carpet interview

Lorel is confronted by Michael B. Jordan about a corny kid remark during a red carpet interview ...

Lorel, the interviewer on the red carpet, is being chastised by Michael B. Jordan for making a phony remark from an episode of a podcast.

Here's all you need to know about it.

During an interview on the red carpet, Michael B. Jordan appeared to be dissatisfied with a previous high school classmate.

At the recent Creed film's red-carpet premiere, Jordan took the time to chat with Morning Hustle host Lorel.

Lorel congratulated Jordan on his new endeavor before revealing that he and Jordan were classmates in New Jersey.

Jordan recalled an old story made by her during a podcast.

'We go back, all the way back to Newark,' Lorel said.

Jordan replied, 'Oh, I was the corny kid, right?'

Despite the 36-year-old actor's remark, the radio host tried to laugh off the comment, insisting she was "misquoted."

Jordan remained firm in his assertion, insisting that he heard the reporter calling him "corny."

'No, you did not hear me say that!' Lorel corrected the subject, saying, 'We used to ridicule the name.' He's also slaying people.'

Back in 2021, Lorel discussed Michael B. Jordan on the Undressing Room podcast.

Along with Eva Marcille and Dominique da Diva, Jordan discussed her elaborate Valentine's Day present to Lori Harvey.

If you weren't aware, the actor from the Black Panthers bought a tank for his then-girlfriend and gifted her with Hermès stock certificates.

Lorel on the other side revealed that she attended school with Jordan, and that many people used to ridicule him for his name.

'You know what's so ridiculous?' she said. We teased him all the time because he was Michael Jordan. Let's start there, because he wasn't Michael Jordan.'

'And he would also come to school with a headshot.' Lorel said, 'We lived in Newark, that's the hood.' We would mock him like, 'What you're gonna do with your stupid headshot!?' And now look at him!'

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