Walkthrough of Volume 3, Chapter 6 of the Archons Quests by Karibert in Genshin Impact

Walkthrough of Volume 3, Chapter 6 of the Archons Quests by Karibert in Genshin Impact ...

Karibert in Genshin Impact - Chapter 6 of the Archons Quest Volume 3, in which the Traveler will see Dainsleif again. The investigation into the Order of the Abyss will remove the veil of secrecy over the curse of Kaenri'ah and will reveal more about the missing twin.

From the start of the quest, you will be able to explore the house, create a forbidden nameless medicine, and explore the cave.

In Genshin Impact, how do I begin the Archons Karibert quest?

You must: Have read and accepted the Caribert quest.

After finishing the required steps, go to Sumeru and wait for the mysterious message to arrive. Talk to Masrur and read the letter from an old friend, which says he will welcome you at Jafar's tavern.

After the release of patch 3.5, a detailed walkthrough will be added to the article. Keep a copy of this document handy for later access.

A tragic encounter

The heroes await Keia, who has left Mondstadt on his business. A little later, Dainsleif will join the discussion, recalling something about the Order of the Abyss' mission. He will ask the Traveler to visit a different clue about the twin. In the morning, they will discover Paimon's disappearance.

Who is allowed to savor the fate of others?

The Traveler will meet another survivor from Caenri’ah as he seeks for medicine for hilichurl.

The sunset of fate has me weepy.

The hero will walk through a spooky cave and hear a strange voice while returning home. He will give the hilichurl another dosage of medicine and will be able to converse with him.

Destiny of Destiny

Eide returns to the dungeon, but the heroes will not find anything there. When the man returns, he will notice the hilichurla's disappearance and will run in search of it. The monster will remove the mask, and the hero loses consciousness.


For successfully accomplishing the Archons Karibert quest, the following resources are awarded:

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