Deep Rock Galactic: The launch of PlayStation Plus was essential to its survival

Deep Rock Galactic: The launch of PlayStation Plus was essential to its survival ...

Soren Lundgaard, the CEO of the Ghost Ship Games team, said that the launch on PlayStation Plus was crucial in order to ensure that a Deep Rock Galactic Of achieves success in the mainstream market. The intellectual property in question is also internationally known.

Even Ghost Ship Games appears to be joining the group of teams and developers who expressed great satisfaction with their games' performance as a result of subscription services. In this case, we are talking about Deep Rock Galactic, a particular sci-fi shooter with fantasy elements and a cooperative structure that has gained unexpected recognition from the developers thanks to PlayStation Plus.

Lundgaard's remarks during a recent meeting with Embracer Group shareholders, the firm that bought the team, came to mind. "We've broken all of our records in terms of players and revenues," said Lundgaard on Deep Rock Galactic Season 1. "It paved the way for where we are right now with Deep Rock."

The fact that it was released on PS Plus on the first day has allowed a large number of players to have a chance at playing a game that otherwise might have had a difficult time developing due to the small scale of production. Developers also began to see a good income stream from DLC and cosmetic items to payment.

Deep Rock Galactic, which was released on PS Plus in June, was downloaded by ten million people, many of whom also made purchases. In 2022, Ghost Ship Games said that the average amount of players was 113,700, significantly higher than the 75,000 people who played in the game in 2021.

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