Genshin Impact Manticore: Lions Blood is a quest in Dehyas Legends. []

Genshin Impact Manticore: Lions Blood is a quest in Dehyas Legends. [] ...

Lion's Blood in Genshin Impact is the first chapter of the quest dedicated to the Sumeru desert mercenary. However, Daehye will have to discover what happened previously and what caused the problem.

This guide is a step-by-step guide to the Dehya legends quest. Learn how to begin the quest, combat the last Relics of Deshret units, and complete all stages for rewards.

How to Start Dehya's Manticore Legends Quest: Genshin Impact

The quest is unlimited and will be available after update 3.5. It can be found in the quest log ("J") by clicking on "Legend Set" and then selecting Manticore. Chapter I. Make sure you have everything necessary for the quest to open.

You may then begin the quest with legend quests by clicking on the character icon and paying 1 key. Then turn on the tracking so that the marker indicates the quest's starting point.

The majority of information on this walkthrough has been obtained from the announcement and leaks so far. It will be updated on March 1, 2023, the day the patch will be released.

Red silk shaded by a shadow

The Traveler encounters Dehya and Dunyarzada in a market. Dehya appears to be concerned, and during the conversation she discovers that her father is a disgruntled by the Daqan al-Ahmar mercenary group. She decides to deal with them, and sends her guys to collect evidence. Daehya is escorted to the Caravan Ribat to assist her.

Legends of the Red Sands

Dehya receives strange information from his informants: his father is supplying goods to Daqan al-Ahmar. The company decides not to jump to conclusions, but to ask Dunyarzada's father everything personally. He tells Dehya the reason she was chosen as Dunyarzada's bodyguard.

Sincerity in the imagination

Daehye will be able to defeat the last members of his father's mercenary squad. After that, you must go deep into the shelter along the platforms until you reach the archive. Daehye will reveal the true truth about his father's personality.


The following resources may be obtained for completing the Lion's Blood quest:

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