In 2022, iPhone imports from India doubled

In 2022, iPhone imports from India doubled ...

Although more and more significant applications are being removed from the Apple marketplace, Apple's products are still popular among a fairly large number of users in Russia. According to Vedomosti, last year the volume of iPhone imports from India increased significantly.

The publication makes reference to the GS Group's holding statement, which reflects both the total amount of iPhone imports into India and the imports of Apple products from other countries. India is reported to have accounted for 15% of all parallel iPhone imports to Russia in 2022.

So, from May to December last year, 165,000 iPhones were shipped from the United States to Russia. In the same period of 2021, only 70 thousand of the corresponding gadgets were imported from India, which is more than half that year.

It is interesting that prior to India being not a major iPhone exporter to Russia, it only accounted for 2.2 percent of Apple products exported to the domestic market. According to reports, the main supplier of the iPhone to the Russian market is still China.

According to media reports, the iPhone 14 would be delivered to Russia via parallel imports in September last year. However, the number of parallel imports of Apple goods to Russia is unprecedented compared to those from official channels in 2021.

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