On Twitch, Furax: The fight against gender-based and sexual assault is a success!

On Twitch, Furax: The fight against gender-based and sexual assault is a success! ...

Furax: On Twitch, the fight against gender-based and sexual violence is a success!

Published on 02/27/2023 at 07:14

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Furax is a marathon that aims to combat gender-based and sexual violence as well as cyber-harassment this weekend. The impact has been mostly positive.

Furax's buzzwords are collect, inform, educate, and have fun.

Furax was created and organized by Turbojoul and Nat_Ali to bring together people who have been harassed online as well as to raise as much money as possible.

Furax enlisted the help of many individuals, who worked together to raise as much money as possible for Elle's Imagine'nt, a non-profit that assists victims of gender based and sexual abuse by putting them on the receiving end of legal treatment, psychologists, or even lawyers.

The 26 streamers worked throughout the weekend on their own channels, in parallel with a slew of programs planned and broadcast on the main channel of the event. We found psychologists, sex workers, various associations, including Afrogameuses, Nous Tous, and Game Impact, as well as round tables on Twitch, stereotypes, the place of women in the scientific world, and the management of cyber-harassment.

A fantastic debut!

In an atmosphere of madness, the last moments of the live allowed the jackpot to surpass the 55,000 euro mark, a result that clearly demonstrates the viewers' desire for such an event.

The majority of participants reacted immediately, stating the success of the project. At the front of the queue, we certainly find Turbojoul and Nat'Alin as happy as they are exhausted when they return to the air with a jackpot of €55,070.46:

I'm stunned by what you said, "it'd be nice to host a charity stream to assist VSS victims," and you donated $5,000.

If you haven't been able to follow Furax throughout the weekend and you want to make a donation, request information, or request help, you can still do so by going directly to the Elle's Imagine'nt website.

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