Here is an ultra-light, powerful electric bike with 30,000 km of service that wants to dethrone the Decathlon price!

Here is an ultra-light, powerful electric bike with 30,000 km of service that wants to dethrone the  ...

JVTech's latest offering is a super-light, powerful electric bike with 30,000 km of driving time that wants to dethrone Decathlon's value for money!

Published on 02/27/2023 at 07:35

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Tenways wants to take a seat alongside big names like Decathlon in France as the urban mobility sector grows. Every day, new players join the ranks.

The lightweight, high-performance e-bike with a sporty appearance

Tenways is a brand that was established in 2021 due to crowdfunding, which allowed the company to get its start in the industry. After an urban bike and a second sporty one, the manufacturer is working on a revised and corrected version.

The CGO600 electric bike already had a nice technical sheet and a simple and refined design. The CGO600 Pro does much better by surviving to remain light with 16 kg on the scale and 30 km of additional autonomy for a total of 100 km. This figure is given in eco mode and will certainly be weighted in real urban conditions.

The geometry has been slightly altered in order to accommodate the new battery. The frame is therefore wider and includes a removable 360 Wh battery, locked by a key.

The CGO800S, an urban model, has no suspension system, which adds to its sporty appearance.

The electric bike will soon be available in France for an attractive price.

The TENWAYS CGO600 Pro is priced at 1799 euros, with a 1699 euros reduction for the launch.

Tenways employs a carbon belt, which requires less maintenance and, above all, does not clog up.

Another Tenways innovation is its instant torque sensor. Most e-bikes have a startup delay before the electric assist kicks in. The CGO600 Pro promises a boot time of zero seconds.

Tenways promises 30,000 km without belt wear and tear, while still delivering superior performance in extreme conditions.

In early March, the e-bike will be available in four different colors. We find pale green, light blue, black, and gray. All are matte, giving the bike a sporty edge. The major welcome feature for everyday bike users is the front light, which is powered by the bike's general battery. No need to recharge your lights every week.

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