The Last of Us HBO: Should We Be Concerned About the Video Game-like Series? Our thoughts on episode 7

The Last of Us HBO: Should We Be Concerned About the Video Game-like Series? Our thoughts on episode ...

The Last of Us, a news culture: Is there anything wrong with it? Should we be concerned about this episode?

Published on 02/27/2023 at 07:05

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It's a Monday and it's the beginning of the week, but it's also the premiere of a new episode of the The Last of Us series. After episode 7 at the top, Joel is in terrible health. Ellie must save him.

The Last of Us episode 6 was announced a week ago, and it's all there is to it! A real sense of adventure; reuniting with Tommy; even a bit of action... It was all super dense (and maybe a bit too fast).

On the grounds of the "Big Horns" University, Jol was stabbed in the stomach by a brigand. The man is in such terrible shape that he falls on his horse, unconscious, and Ellie does her best to help him... Without warning, his past comes to light.

"Left Behind" is the direction to go in!

The Last of Us series was created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (the creators of the basic video game) at a point in time! It's a sort of big flashback that depicts Ellie's life, shortly before her meeting with Joel, and her last day with Riley, her best friend.

Ellie is shown jogging in a gymnasium before colliding with another student, before being confronted by a high-ranking officer. Neither is chosen by fate.

Too close to the video game

The first part of the flashback of the show is based on a force that we have already discussed: to fill in the gray areas of video games FEDRA "VS" Lucioles (equivalent of a resistance). It's later, during the escape with Riley and Ellie, that things get tricky. The dialogues have been improved, and the outcome is still touching.

The same situation as described in episode 5's review seems to have risen to a halt, and the impact seems to be minor! For those who have completed the title of Naughty Dog, please know that Chapter 6 of The Last of Us will have its effect... It's difficult to please everyone with a popular video game adaptation. We will meet in a week.

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