Should We Be Concerned About The Last of Us HBO? Our opinion on episode 7

Should We Be Concerned About The Last of Us HBO? Our opinion on episode 7 ...

The Last of Us: News culture: Is there any need to be concerned about the episode 7?

Published on 02/27/2023 at 07:05

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It's a Monday and it's the start of the week, but it's also the premiere of a new episode of the Last of Us series. After episode 7 at the top, Joel is in disarray. Ellie must save him.

The Last of Us episode 6 was announced a week ago, and as much to say that it was a hell of a reboot of the series! Yes, the HBO show set off again, this time for the snowy landscapes of Wyoming. There was everything, including a real sense of adventure; a Jol that was more "human" and vulnerable than ever... It was all super-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper-duper

On the grounds of the "Big Horns" University, a Jol in (very) bad health was stabbed in the stomach by a brigand. He falls on his horse, unconscious, and Ellie does her best to help him... Without warning, his past comes to light.

"Left Behind" is the direction we've taken in the last decade!

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann (father of the basic video game) decided to incorporate "the Left Behind portion" into the Last of Us series! This is a sort of big flashback that depicts Ellie's life shortly before her meeting with Joel and her final day with Riley, as well as in the HBO show.

Ellie is shown jogging in a gymnasium before she meets Riley, as well as arguing with another student (both are trained by FEDRA, the official agency that manages quarantine zones). A few minutes later, Ellie finds herself facing a high-ranking officer who will decide otherwise.

Too close to the video game

The first part of the flashback of the show is thus based on a force we have already mentioned: to show beyond the Manichean diagram FEDRA "VS" Lucioles (equivalent of a resistance). It's later – during the getaway with Riley and Ellie – that things get tough. The play is fine, but the outcome is deja vu.

The same situation as described in episode 5, with the death of Sam and Henry, is not a surprise and its impact is less! For those who have completed the title of Naughty Dog, please don't worry, Chapter 6 of The Last of Us will have its effect... It's not easy to please everyone with the adaptation of such a popular video game. We meet in a week.

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