How to Find and Get a Fwooper in Hogwarts Legacy

How to Find and Get a Fwooper in Hogwarts Legacy ...

The Fwooper in Hogwarts Legacy is a small bird that lives in the game world and is bred for the Vivarium. It is well-known that her snores awaken people into madness. The fwooper itself has four different colors: pink, green, yellow, and white.

We'll explain everything you need to know about Fwooper in Hogwarts Legacy: where to find him in the open world, and where to obtain his feathers from.

In Hogwarts Legacy, how do I get a fwooper feather?

The Fwooper Feather is available in two ways:

In the Vivarium, breeding and care are done first with the assistance of an item. Grab the bagobtained in the story quest "Elf, Grip-Sack, Loom". In the story quest "Potions classes," you may steal a feather for a third, unique method.

All of the possibilities will be explored separately.

Where can I get a fwooper?

In the center and southern regions of the map, there are four Fwooper habitats. Their nests are swaying trees decorated with colorful flowers. Near each such tree, there are three to four birds.

The nearest Fwooper nest to Hogwarts is southwest of Kinbridge. Look out for poachers who spied several birds in cages. Visit the camp, deal with the enemies, and the Alohomora spell (level 1) will be able to free the Fwoopers from captivity.

A bandit camp on a hilltop to the northwest of Feldcroft's village is set up. Not far from the castle, on the northwest side, the Fwoopers' home is not far from the Fwoopers' grave.

Continue south towards the abandoned fortress, past another Fwooper nest from the flying flame Mountain cave on the map.

Two trees with Fwoopers grow at once in the northern part of the region, near a steep cliff overlooking a closed bay. Bandits can meet on the way up to the nest, and a troll is wreaking havoc nearby. Fly safely up to the nest and tame the Fwoopers from the teleporter located near the village of Beinburg, across the lake.

Where can I obtain a fwooper pen?

Fwooper feathers are sold at two shops. Merchant Indira Wolf from the far north of the map, offers one feather for 250 galleons.

The pen is also for sale here. 250 gold.

Is it worth it to take Garrett Weasley's Fwooper feather?

Garrett Weasley will ask you to steal Professor Sharpe's quill during the passage of the story quest "Potions classes." There are three options when asked whether or not to steal Fwooper's feather.

Don't steal Garrett while visiting Professor Sharpe's office. Skip the funny cutscene and not get the feather. Accept the FEATHER for Garrett. This action will spawn a hilarious scene.

The subsequent passage may be affected by none of the following options, so choose the one you like.

In Hogwarts Legacy, why do you need a fwooper feather?

Use material to improve equipment at level 2 at the Help-room. Improvements are being made to loom.

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