If you have an Android TV, avoid doing this

If you have an Android TV, avoid doing this ...

News JVTech If you have an Android TV, don't do this.

Published on 02/27/2023 at 06:40

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Most connected televisions with the Android TV operating system may be connected to the Internet via a wire or Ethernet cable. This method isn't always the most appropriate for high performance.

It is still common to hear and to read that choosing a wired connection is a wise move in order to enjoy a faster connection than Wi-Fi. In fact, by using an RJ-45 Ethernet cable to connect your PC directly to your Internet Box, you are likely to benefit from a more reliable connection.

When it comes to a connection between a Box and a PC, this may not be the case. On the other hand, when it comes to connecting a Smart TV to a Box, it is quite probable that you will experience a slowdown.

Android TVs require a connection speed of at least two hours per second.

Most smart TVs have a network card that limits the internet speed on a wired connection, and it's possible that your television restricts the speed to only 100 Mb/s.

Nevertheless, this conclusion isn't automatic: many high-end televisions have much more efficient connections. However, on entry-level and mid-range models, this type of component is often downgraded in terms of performance, especially for the sake of economics.

Is it possible to test a TV's wired connection?

It's quite possible to run a TV in wired mode under an Android TV. This is done by installing the Netflix app SpeedTest on your screen. It's also possible to find it under the left menu, by clicking on "Get help" then selecting "Network check."

Do not hesitate to try Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the hopes of determining which is the most efficient connection solution. Ethernet may still be the ideal solution if you do not have adequate Wi-Fi reception in the living room. The main goal is to ensure that your streaming entertainment will be uninterrupted and at a decent rate.

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