Apple's second-generation AR headset will have higher-end processors

Apple's second-generation AR headset will have higher-end processors ...

Apple will release an augmented reality headset, worth $ 3,000, and a more affordable version of Reality One, which is inferior to it in terms of performance, according to a source. Now, the flagship Reality Pro headset will have a second generation with more powerful Apple processors.

Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman) discusses Apple's upcoming augmented reality headset, which will be unveiled this summer, which will require an iPhone to work. This will be its primary differentiation from the previous Apple Watch, which required a smartphone connection to fully function.

The ability to sync data with iPhone and iPad will be included with the first Apple augmented reality headset, while applications will be downloaded directly from the company's cloud infrastructure. Text input will be performed using a virtual keyboard, although the implementation of this function remains susceptible to input errors.

A simpler headset, named Reality One, may be released in 2024 or even 2025. After that, a more costly second-generation Reality Pro might be developed, which will use M3 or M4-level processors instead of the original M2. This will improve the device's performance and prevent a number of application limitations. For example, Apple's firstborn will not be able to draw photorealistic avatars for more than two interlocutors at the same time in real time.

Apple's designers envisioned a virtual reality lab that would run a higher-end processor and connect with a wearable device via a wireless interface. In the future, the preference was made in favor of a fully autonomous device, which, as we remember, will still be attached to a belt or placed in a pocket.

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