Journey To Foundation, a VR adventure adventure based on Isaac Asimov's novels, is a trailer

Journey To Foundation, a VR adventure adventure based on Isaac Asimov's novels, is a trailer ...

At the first State of Play in 2023, there were a lot of announcements for the recently released PSVR 2, and one of the most interesting titles was Journey to Foundation, which has a release date for Fall 2023.

Isaac Asimov's series of novels chronicle the founding of the Foundation, a government organization that sought to save humanity after the collapse of the galactic empire. The original narrative of the novel examines the fall of Rome through the lens of science fiction, which was a highly politicized situation. Now, developers Archiact is looking to send players into a prequel to legendary novels.

Ward is a Public Safety Commission agent assigned to investigate civil unrest in the Galactic Empire's crumbling Galactic Empire. Although the Imperial forces remained stable for 12,000 years, they also exhausted their forces, leading to stagnation and conflict on the fringes.

The player's journey begins with infiltrating the ranks of defectors who wish to reach the Foundation, the institution that predicted the Empire's demise at the time. The player's choice is whether they will fight the Empire or choose to live their lives entirely differently.

The game offers the player a slew of possibilities for resolving each issue. You can use a stealthy strategy to flank enemies, or you can simply blast through them with the Modular Cannon and work your way to the target; this may indicate that other characters do not trust the player or refuse to cooperate with him.

Ward will be able to escape most situations without bloodshed, influencing further plot events.

For a VR game, let alone a traditional gaming experience, this is a massive undertaking. The adaptation of such a well-known work of literature has certainly been challenging, but enhancing the layers of complexity that Archiact promises, is a whole other challenge.

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