Roblox Blox Fruits: How to Get Soul Guitar

Roblox Blox Fruits: How to Get Soul Guitar ...

Roblox Blox Fruits' Artisan's Way to Get Soul Guitar

Several Blox Fruit weapons are superior to others at boosting up. One of the finest and most famous weapons is the soul guitar. Solve puzzles and escape haunted locations with this guitar in this guide.

How to Get Soul Guitar

Soul Guitar is only available at level 2300. Grind to climb to the top. See the Haunted Castle of the Third Sea at level 2300. Find the right-side graveyard and pray at night with the full moon. The Soul Guitar quest begins when your screen is black.

After killing six skeletons at the same location, you will receive the message "great," as well as two lines of signs along the path to the main grave. Clicking on them will turn them white. If successful, you'll receive another message.

After that, go upstairs in the same castle and talk to the ghost in the first floor's left chamber. This time, you must order rows by clicking. Here is the order for each row:

  • On the first row, maintain the first and second lines horizontal, the fourth one vertical, and the rest empty.
  • Keep the second and last lines horizontal and the remaining vacant in the second row.

For this difficulty, color the pipes to match. Red pipes indicate red tiles below or ahead of them. A carriage will be displayed where you may purchase the soul guitar for 500 bones, 250 ectoplasm, 500 fragments, and one dark fragment.

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