Riley: Who is she in Season 1 of The Last of Us?

Riley: Who is she in Season 1 of The Last of Us? ...

The Last of Us Season 1 Episode 7, titled "Left Behind," is recapped. There are spoilers.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Tommy reunited in Season 1 of The Last of Us, causing serious conversations about what transpired between the two first times they saw each other. A battle ensued, with Joel ending up stabbed. Episode 7 examines the aftermath of that and more.

Season 1 Episode 7 of The Last of Us Recap

Ellie is seen jogging around a gym with headphones on until a girl grabs them off. Then, we see Captain Kwong explaining her potential if she continues down the path she is on.

Riley sneaks into her bedroom and is nearly stabbed by Ellie. Ellie missed Riley because they were best friends and because Riley wanted to help her out of the bullying on the site. After Riley's initial shock is gone, she informs her that she wants to take her out and have the best night of their lives together. Even after saying no, Riley makes her get dressed.

Riley is in The Last of Us game. Riley is an orphan who grew up in Boston and became best friends. Riley would always rescue Ellie from the bullies at the camp.

Riley sneaks Ellie out of the house to take her to the mall. Riley turned on the lights and planned to show her everything she can get for her, from the elevator to the carousel. Ellie asked why Riley left, and she explained that she got sewage.

Riley claims she must give Ellie a present before she and her friends leave. She says she got her volume two of the book "No Pun Intended."

Ellie notices equipment everywhere as she approaches Riley. We learn that this is Riley's job, but she promises to never allow the Fireflies to attack her. Then, Riley tells her that she will be leaving soon.

Ellie couldn't put an end to her activities until she saw Riley. Ellie and Riley spend a few minutes dancing in the store together. However, Ellie gets a little emotional and asks her not to go.

An Infected comes into the picture after Ellie and Riley share this tiny moment. Ellie saves the day, and Riley saves the day. After Ellie stabs the Infected in the head, Riley saves the day and vice versa.

Season 1 Episode 7 of The Last of Us: What Happened?

Ellie rushes back inside to find supplies to help him after a lengthy search. She finally finds a thread and needle, bringing the episode to a close.

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