The Crew racing series has a participation of 40 million people

The Crew racing series has a participation of 40 million people ...

The Crew was first released in 2014, and it included many multiplayer elements in addition to traditional racing gameplay. The first game sold more than two million copies, and it spawned a sequel and various expansions.

The release of the new component has already been confirmed for 2023. In response to The Crew Motorfest, Creative Director St├ęphane Beli spoke recently about the start of the race series. He said that The Crew has over 40 million players.

When it comes to automobiles, The Crew franchise is different from other racing games.

The Crew has aircraft, boats, and jet skis, making it one of the few racing games to offer this level of variety.

The game has since gotten a wider following, which has enabled it to reach an incredible 40 million on Kickstarter. In a tweet, creative director Stefan Beli also recalled the developers' previous ambitions, which began more than a decade ago.

The Crew Motorfest builds on the foundations of previous Ubisoft racing game titles. The Crew Motorfest is expected to be the most visually stunning game yet, with realistic cars and near photorealistic environments. Ubisoft has already confirmed that big game ideas will be presented at E3, so fans can expect a lot of information about the racing game in the coming months.

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