Atomic Heart's Polygon 11: How to Open and Pass

Atomic Heart's Polygon 11: How to Open and Pass ...

Major Nechaev is given the opportunity to solve several difficult puzzles using weapon blueprints or recipes for various modifications in Atomic Heart.

The explanation for completing Polygon 11 in Atomic Heart was explained in step-by-step steps, including step-by-step directions for solving each puzzle that can be located in the secret location.

In Atomic Heart, how do I open Polygon 11?

Major Nechaev must find a key-disk from a piston lock in order to unlock the entrance to Polygon 11. Follow this guide to learn how to do it.

First and foremost, it is important to find a way to get into the territory of a closed checkpoint. Run to the point marked on the map and go to the tower.

The P-3 will be raised up on a lift platform, then interact with the device (default is "F"), activate the camera, and then the automatic doors from the booth.

By pressing the red button on the panel, exit the tower. Continue straight ahead, following the map's directions. Soon you'll be at the already open booth.

Start up the car and go to the red building with the outstretched cable.

Examine the structure for iron boxes – in one of them with a chance, you can find a blueprint for the Railgun weapon.

Go outside and find the lab assistant in the black suit who searches the room after making sure all the rooms have been cleaned. The key to Polygon 11 lies next to the corpse.

Leave the building and open the piston lock with colored dots and a click after receiving the disc key. Use a red car parked in the parking lot to avoid tackling the entrance to the underground area on foot.

In Atomic Heart, how do I get to Polygon 11?

Bring your kayak to the shore.

After touching the piston lock and unlocking the locked door, the secret area becomes accessible.

Enter and activate the panel to go down. Soon, exit into a spacious room with many forks, among which you will find rooms with additional consumables (right side of the room), a save zone, and a room with the first puzzle (left side of the room).

Polygon 11 in Atomic Heart: A Walkthrough

Next, we'll demonstrate how to get through Polygon 11 and solve all the difficulties encountered in the building.

Interact (1 time) with the first valve that rotates the blue platform. Reach the top of the ledge, then climb onto the metal layer. Jump over to the second valve, which rotates the yellow "room".

Interact with the valve three times to get to another on the yellow platform. Turn left and jump down to the "chain" of blue magnetic assemblies.

Shock along the ceiling. Proceed to the next room with the yellow platform. Re-use the electro ability on the coils to get down safely. Run across to the "chain" of magnetic assemblies from the opposite side.

Continue on the first level of the location, hitting the SHOCK on the coils again. Go through the armored door and climb onto the metal layer. Repeat the process, this time against the magnetic assemblies located on the ceiling.

Approach the valve and interact with it three times. Before you go to the green platform, hit the ceiling with a SHOCKto lower the magnetic "chain" and run across to the platform.

Climb up and go to the next layer. Jump over to the green ledge, and then to the red "room."

Use SHOCK. Wait until the "chain" of magnetic blue assemblies has reached the bottom. Go down to it and use the "electric" ability once more.

Continue up the stairs to the metal layer leading to the corridor, where you can get the entrance to the room with a bronze chest.

Kalash cartridges (x12); drawing "Kalash – expansive converter"

Leave the room. Use your left hand to loot the crates for more consumables and then to look for the iron chest (above). Go to the save zone and save.

Continue moving along the corridor – you will soon be introduced to the second hall.

Major Nechaev will first deal with laboratory assistants once they've been in the second room. Clear the area of unpleasant enemies to calmly begin solving the candle puzzle.

Don't miss an opportunity to view several iron chests in the vicinity. Use the scanner (default "Alt") to ensure that you don't miss any items.

Over the building platforms, climb up to the roof first house. Thus, get to the opening that opens access to the second shack.

Kill the lab assistants, examine the iron box, and touch the candle to send it down the pipe.

Bring the gilded "ball" to the wall with the help of HRAZ (default "F") and open the piston lock with colored dots. Leave the house and return to the candle: Bring it to the first boiler – There are no forks along the way.

There are no forks at the second box, but a pipe through which you may blow a candle is nearby.

So, open the passage to the next room.

Look in the truck's crates located on the back of the truck and see where shop "A" has thick cylinders - you will find an iron chest. Then go to the room with a silver chest, which will provide:

Chemical (x1); biomaterials (x7); PM cartridges (x2); drawing "PM - thermal imager."

Leave the room and turn left. Reach the entrance to the hatch and climb into it. Continue walking along the narrow tunnel path until you reach the third hall.

Once inside the "Magnetic gravity stand", you will notice rotating platforms. The objective is to reduce the rotation speed in order to get to the exit on the opposite side. Turn right to the room on the right.

Wait for the platform to lock into the plus position and light a candle with HRAZ (default is "F”), allowing you to climb over the fence, go through the open passage, and pick up the second golden "ball".

Return to the blue rotating platforms after grabbing a candle. Aim and throw the "ball" towards the device that holds the candles.

Don't worry, turn around and descend the stairs. "Shar" will humbly wait for Major Nechaev on a free site.

The platforms will slow down as soon as two candles are installed.

So, you may go to the next place. In the most distant room, you may find a "hidden" golden chest:

Chemical (x2), metal parts (x3), Kalash cartridges (x1), Krepysh rocket (x1), and drawing “KS-23 – enlarged magazine”.

The award is presented by A.J. Reese.

You will receive the following information for the successful completion of Polygon 11.

Kalash's rocket (x1); synthetic material (x3); biomaterials (x7); cartridges for PM (x2); drawing "Kalash – expansive converter"; drawing "PM – thermal imager"; and drawing "KS-23 – enlarged magazine".

The majority of awards from various boxes (including those from the Lutyagins) have been randomized. If one of the previously listed dishes has already been studied, the remaining loot from the chests of Polygon 11 may be altered.

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