This year, the role-playing musical Stray Gods is coming

This year, the role-playing musical Stray Gods is coming ...

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, developed by Summerfall Studios, will be released on PC in 2023 via Steam. In the near future, the team intends to conduct a livestream showcasing the game with more information.

The Roleplaying Musical from Stray Gods has an interesting mechanic that immerses players in a modern fantasy world where the Greek gods dwell among us. Grace is a college dropout who is introduced to this world after receiving the power of the Muse. This power drives her to uncover the truth about her predecessor's death.

Players make choices during dialogue by charming, negotiate, or blazing a path during interaction. This is all due to the musical components, where the songs change as the players make choices. There are also some dating sim elements in which the relationship develops throughout the narrative.

Stray Gods is directed by Troy Baker and features Laura Bailey and Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

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