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The US Launched A Website To Combat Ransomware Viruses

The US Launched A Website To Combat Ransomware Viruses

The US authorities launched the StopRansomware website on Thursday to help businesses and public organizations in the fight against ransomware viruses, according to the statement of the US Department of Justice.

"The Ministries of Internal Security and Justice, together with other federal agencies, have launched a new website to counter threats from ransomware viruses. The site creates a single database of resources containing ransomware viruses for individuals, businesses, and other organizations," the text says. "This is the result of the joint efforts of the federal government and the first website designed to help individuals and public organizations reduce the risks of ransomware attacks."

US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas called on every organization in the country to "use a new resource to study how to protect themselves from attacks through viruses and reduce risks." The statement also quotes the statements of the head of the Ministry of Justice, Attorney General Merrick Garland. According to him, the department headed by him is working to use all resources to counter these threats.

The topic of threats in cyberspace has become particularly relevant in the United States in recent months. In early May, attackers from the DarkSide group hacked into the systems of the American pipeline company Colonial Pipeline. According to the US special services, DarkSide can be based on the territory of the Russian Federation or Eastern Europe but is not connected with the state. On May 31, an attack on the networks of the American division of JBS followed. According to the White House press service, the company believes that the criminal organization REvil, which is probably located in Russia, is behind the attack. The same media group is credited with the attack carried out in early July on the Kaseya network.

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